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Broadest selection of calcium assay kits to address diversified GPCR and ion channel targets

FLIPR® Calcium Assay Kits (1, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 6-QF) provide the most comprehensive method for detecting intracellular calcium changes in a simple and reliable homogeneous assay format. Select from six formulations to complement your target of interest, including challenging chemokine, small peptide, transient, endogenous, and low-expression receptors. 
Find out how the FLIPR Calcium 6 Assay Kits enhance assay performance, including: 
  1. Rekindle low signal screens; including endogenous, primary or stem cell targets 
  2. With or without masking dye techonology, improve quality of your screens with largest signal window on the market 
  3. Quench-free option permits assay multiplexing to better characterize signal pathways 
  4. Understand target behavior in the presence of an organic anion transporter using probenecid optional protocol 
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Features of FLIPR Calcium Assay Kits
  • Maximizes fluorescent signal from a wide range of cell types by reducing cell wash artifacts 
  • Reduces well-to-well variability, improving assay quality (Z'-factor) and reliability (CV %) of high-throughput screens 
  • Universal mix-and-read protocol accelerates assay workflow and increases throughput 
  • Superior signal-to-noise ratio facilitates confirmation of endogenous or transiently transfected receptor activity during assay development 
  • Pre-optimized and validated protocols for the FLIPR® Tetra and FlexStation® Systems ensure you can navigate both routine and unconventional cell lines and targets
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