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The GKF 700 uses a precision functional process in which the capsules are aligned, opened, filled, and reclosed.

The GKF 700 uses a precision functional process in which the capsules, fed pre-locked and non-oriented, are aligned, opened, filled and reclosed. Capsules inserted cap first, non-separated capsules, and capsules with two caps are recognized and rejected. High filling accuracy is attained by a 5 tamping procedure with minimal dust occurrence and high yields, offering the user a great cost to performance ratio.         
The GKF 700 is an excellent value with an output of up to 700 capsules per minute. The operating method is low in wear and maintenance, and capsules of all makes can be run with one size part set for each capsule size. The fill weight adjusts within seconds, resulting in very small powder residue that ensures optimum machine efficiency. Processing of "extremely difficult powders" is also possible.         
The small footprint and uncomplicated functional sequences and machine design make the GKF 700 easy to setup, easy to operate, and easy to clean.
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Features of GKF 700
  • Excellent cost-performance ratio and flexible machine set up.     
  • The operating method is low in wear and maintenance.     
  • Capsules of all makes can be run with the same size part set. High precision machine set up allow the interchange of size part     
  • Ejection of non-separated capsules or improperly inserted capsule caps.     
  • Design confirming to GMP guidelines, easy operation and cleaning.     
  • Fill weight adjustment within seconds: very small powder residues ensure optimum machine efficiency.     
  • No powder leaking during operation     
  • Set scale values do not require readjustment after size change.     
  • Maximum fill accuracy: below 1% standard deviation with many products due to high precision dosing tools.     
  • Processing of extremely difficult powders easy possible.     
  • Special treatment of the dosing disk and tamping ring ensure the high filling weight precision even after a long using time.     
  • Only dry vacuum pumps are used, so no leakage of water can occur in the pharmaceutical production room.     
  • Touch screen as human/machine interface to control the machine functions, easy operation/multilanguages.     
  • Enlarged infeed hopper with sight window, to conveniently monitor the fill level.
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