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ProFiller 3700 is the new standard in 300-hole bench-top capsule filling systems

ProFiller 3700 is the new standard in 300-hole bench-top capsule filling systems. Available with a European style Semi-automatic Orienter as ProFiller 3800. Experienced users like the higher output, fast size changes, easy to clean design & optional accessories. First time users love the ease-of-use & upgrade options.
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Features of ProFiller 3700

Easier To Use                Easier to use than other 200 or 300 hole systems..                  Indicator gauges to assist in capsule orientation, separation and locking.                  Shipped fully assembled. Ready for use in less than 1 hour.                 

Grows With You                 Add a Vibrator at any time.                  Change Parts for 3700 in Size 000-5, 00el-2el & AAA-E.                  Order Filler without a Tamper for vibration only operation or in a reduced space configuration (RS) for use under smaller powder hoods.                 

Higher Output              Unique features include lightweight, 2-piece Orienter (3700), Orienter locater and oversize Powder Tray & Push Plate.                  Tamper size range optimized for higher fill weights and faster filling.                  Adjustable capsule body height to make over-filling easier & faster.                  Fully locks capsules after filling.     

GMP & Faster Clean-Out               Dishwasher safe Inox (SS316) powder contact parts.                  Designed for fast disassembly & visual verification of cleaning.                  Filler base in lightweight, corrosion resistant anodized aluminum or upgrade to optional Inox (SS316).                  Filler's gear, cam and optional Vibrator are fully covered.             

Pharmacopoeia Compliant                 Fill weights, USP/EP method within ± 1-3% of average. Typically all 300 capsules/batch are within ± 4-7% of target.                  Validation package available for cGMP compliance.                  Works with all capsules including gelatin, vegetarian/HPMC and starch capsules.                

Exclusive Accessories              Partial Batch Kit for filling fewer than 300 capsules / batch.                  Capsule Counter.                  Production Stand.                  Over-Encapsulation attachments for tablets, capsules & caplets.                  Caps Tray in Inox (SS316) or optional lightweight anodized aluminum.

General Specifications
Weight18 lbs
Additional Specifications

Size ranges:                 
000 / 00 / 0-1 / 2-3 / 4 / 5               
Installation Requirements:               
Electricity is required for optional Vibrator. No compressed air or water is required for operation.               
48 inches (120cm) is recommended width if Filler and Orienter are operated on same table.               
34 inches (90 cm) is minimum width to operate Filler if Orienter is kept on another table.               
30 inches (75cm) depth is recommended.               
24 inches (65cm) is the minimum depth.               
29 inches (73cm) or office desk height is recommended.

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