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PEM-9002 Portable Emissions Monitor This product is now obsolete. The replacement monitor is the PEM-9004.

This product is now obsolete. The replacement monitor is the PEM-9004.


Teledyne´s Portable Emissions Analyzer (PEM-9002) is a compact, digital flue-gas analyzer featuring state-of-the-art microprocessor technology. Suited for the inspection and servicing of any size heater installation from small to industrial, it is used for safety relevant technical inspections of CO concentrations in gas combustion plants.

Measuring parameters:

O2, CO / H2, (NO, SO2 and / or CO-high optional), waste gas temperature, ambient temperature, draft or balance pressure.

NOTE: NO2 measurements are not possible.

Computed values:

CO2, CO non-diluted, Lambda, pressure and temperature difference, degree of efficiency (Eta), waste gas losses (qA), NOx, dew point, and Eta combustion value

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Features of PEM-9002

This lightweight design incorporates many features including:

  • Powerful storage battery; approximately 30 hours of operation with activated display illumination
  • Illuminated display showing four simultaneous measuring values in a selectable display combination
  • Optional upgrades for up to five measuring cells: O2, CO / H2, CO-high, NO, SO2
  • Integrated printer for plain paper - measuring data can be printed immediately
General Specifications

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