Organomation - 20 Position Automatic N-EVAP Nitrogen Evaporator

Manufactured by  Organomation
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Designed to offer accurate and efficient endpoint concentration for a wide variety of applications world-wide

This is advanced instrument combines for the first time the time tested N-EVAP technology with timed automation technology, and optional nitrogen self generation.          
This unit can run in automatic or manual mode due to the integration of our unique pneumatic system. The automatic mode remove samples from the heating medium when the designated time cycle has been completed. You can also manually remove samples when the sample process is completed with the flip of a switch.          
The automatic concentration cycle reduces the likelihood of human error as well as cross contamination.          
The optional nitrogen generation system provides a clean, 99.9% pure stream of nitrogen without the physical limitations of a gas cylinder's costs, dependence, and inconvenience. The nitrogen self generation unit can be attached to the control box or provided on a stand-alone basis depending upon your specific needs. Minimal maintenance, and cost effective payback help to keep future costs to a minimum.          
Depending upon the rate of nitrogen consumption, payback of the purchase of the nitrogen generator can be achieved within 3-5 years. A digital control system provides the operator with timed control of gas flow and bath temperature.          
Endpoint is achieved by our timed pneumatic system. Our improved energy efficient heater system heats the water directly providing fast heat up time while keeping energy costs to a minimum. An optional large vessel sample holder is available for glassware between 30mm to 54mm in diameter, and has 9 Positions.          
The new model 11220-A system has been designed to offer accurate and efficient endpoint concentration for a wide variety of applications world-wide.
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General Specifications
Evaporator TypeNitrogen
Depth 46 cm
Height92 cm
Width 49 cm

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