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Agilent Technologies - 3000 Micro GC

Manufactured by  Agilent Technologies
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The Agilent 3000 is a powerful GC solution that provides fast, accurate, reliable analysis of your gas sample...

The Agilent 3000 is a powerful GC solution that provides fast, accurate, reliable analysis of your gas sample on-line-–right at the sampling point. It is ideal for the rapid analysis of gas streams in fuel cell development, coal mine safety monitoring, and the hydrocarbon processing industry, including refineries, natural gas production and distribution, chemical operations, and oil and gas exploration. The robust construction of the modular 3000 micro GC means long-term, trouble-free operation. The easily interchangeable GC modules make reconfiguration and repair quick and simple, to keep you in control of your gas analysis and your process.  
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Features of 3000 Micro GC
  • More Sensitive. In addition to having a TCD that is 10 times more sensitive than conventional TCDs, Agilent 3000 Micro GCs now include a performance enhancement that allows it to perform trace-level analysis in the low ppm range.  
  • Fully customizable. Custom configurations suit your application needs with 1 to 4 chromatographic channels. Choose from various micro-machined injectors, columns, sample conditioners, and application-specific reports.  
  • Module-level flexibility.The modular GC design maximizes uptime, with repair as simple as exchanging one module for another. You can be back up and running in less than an hour.  
  • Injectors fit your needs. Increase sensitivity with the variable volume injection option; maintain high precision and repeatability with the fixed volume injection option; remove unwanted contaminants from your sample or speed up analysis with the backflush injection option.  
  • EPC control. Digital pneumatics control carrier gas flow electronically, enhancing reliability and precision while further simplifying operation.  
  • Easy operation. Accessible for operators at various skill levels, Cerity software is sample-focused, requiring just a few mouse clicks to start the analysis and generate the report.  
  • Access anywhere. LAN connectivity allows for remote access to the instrument and data. Or you can have a remote instrument or process computer automatically start the GC analysis.
General Specifications
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