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Fast Pesticides Screening With an Easy-to-Use Analyzer Kit.

GC/MS methods are widely used for pesticides analysis – especially for the screening of large numbers of target compounds in complex matrices. Full-scan EI methods offer many advantages for broad-range screening, such as an unlimited number of targets, full-spectrum identity confirmation, and library searching for identification of non-targets. Technologies such as Capillary Flow Technology backflushing, Deconvolution Reporting Software (DRS), and a Pesticides and Endocrine Disruptors database can increase the number of targets screened while reducing the time required per sample. Agilent GC/MS Analyzer Kits are ready to use and simplify startup. The analysis method makes use of the latest GC/MS technologies, improving productivity in the laboratory and producing consistent, high-quality data from day one.      
Eliminate the need for tedious manual method development with a fully configured and factory-tested Analyzer.      
Based on Agilent’s 5975C Series GC/MSD and 7890A GC System, our user-friendly GC/MSD Pesticide Analyzer quickly screens and quantitates large numbers of pesticides and endocrine disruptors in a single analysis. Its screening methods conform to the latest worldwide pesticide testing requirements. With inlet, column, capillary flow device, and software tools all installed and configured in the factory, and the Analyzer pre-tested for pesticide analysis – you can save weeks of method development.
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Features of GC/MS Pesticides Analyzer Kit
  • Factory configured and tested GC/MS Analyzer Kit for pesticides analysis, to ensure optimal performance of your instrument and application.      
  • GC column, consumables, and pesticides checkout samples so you won’t waste time or money buying individual components.      
  • DVD with method and data files, application note, and quick-start guide for a fast startup of the application.      
  • On-site pesticides analysis checkout to make sure that your instrument and application are ready to go.      
  • Application focused video tools to facilitate smooth operation and easy learning of advanced features.      
  • Analysis method uses the following technologies: Capillary Flow Technology backflush, Multi-mode Inlet, Retention Time Locking, and Deconvolution Reporting Software, 927-compound Pesticides and Endocrine Disruptors Database or Japanese List Pesticides Database.      
  • The easy-to-use SampliQ QuEChERS sample preparation in the Analyzer Kit allows you to prepare your samples in a few simple steps.      

Screen more pesticides… in less time      

Agilent’s GC/MSD Pesticide Analyzer makes use of productivity-boosting GC/MS technologies that allow you to:      

  • Increase the number of targets screened      
  • Reduce the analysis time required per sample      
  • Perform a complete screening and quantitation in 2-3 minutes      
  • Produce consistent, high-quality results from day one
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