Olympus - AU 400

Manufactured by  Olympus
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Fully automated, for routine, STAT, urine and homogeneous Immuno Assays

Unique Features Of Olympus AU 400 Fully Automated Analyser:-AU 400 offers enhanced operational comfort and versatile functions.The AU 400 chemistry analyser, with a throughput of 400 tests per hour (+ 400 ISE), achieves the highest possible level of performance. Accurate test data is generated by spot photometry technology which has a proven performance for high precision.-The sample multi-mixing station, combined with sample predilution, probe crash detection and other technological innovations assure accurate reliable test results.
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Features of AU 400

Analytical system: Fully automated, for routine, STAT, urine and homogeneous Immuno Assays    Analytical methods: Clinical chemistry and immunological parameters. End point, kinetic assays, fixed-time-kinetics, optionally ISE    Simultaneously processed analytes: Up to 38 photometric tests + 3 ISE    Throughput: 400 photometric tests / hour; maximum of 800 with ISE    Sample feeder: Racks with 10 samples each (bar-codes on primary tubes and on racks); capacity of 80 samples; continuous loading    Sample tubes: in primary and secondary tubes; diameter from 11.5 to 16 mm; height from 55 to 102 mm    STAT samples:Up to 22 positions for STAT samples, bar-coded primary tubes    Sample volume: 2 – 50 µl in 1 µl steps (1– 50 µl for repeats)    Reagent supply: Refrigerated (4 °C – 12 °C); 76 positions for R1/ R2    Reagent volume: 1.reagent: 25 – 300 µl; 2. reagent: 25 – 300 µl; (in 1 µl steps)    Total reaction volume:150– 550 µl    Reaction cuvette: Quartz cuvettes    Reaction time: Up to 8 minutes, 40 seconds    Reaction temperature: 37 °C    Mixing method: With rotating paddles after dispensing sample and reagent    Photometry system: Direct assay through the reaction cuvette (0 – 2.5 OD) mono-, bichromatic measurements possible    Wave length: 13 different wave lengths between 340 – 800 nm    Cuvette cleaning: comprehensive cleaning with detergents    Calibration: Linear and non linear (linear interpolation), refrigerated calibrator positions    Data processing: Calculated parameters, blank value correction and correlation. Definition of normal value range, measuring range, pathological values and repeats. Quality controls, printout of abnormal values, pending sample work list and repeat run sample list    Test requisition: Individual and profile test requisition via on-line, mouse, function keys or optional touch screen    Safety: Clot detection and crash prevention for sample and reagent dispenser    ]On-line: Full uni- and bidirectional communication possible    Software: Windows-NT

General Specifications
Depth 29.9 in
Height47.6 in
Width 57.1 in
Power Requirements 208
Peak Power3.5 kW
Weight924 lbs

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