CCS LLC - Stokes Model 521 (F-4)

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The Stokes Model 521 (F-4) is a 4-ton single station, dual motion compacting press.

The Stokes Model 521 (F-4) is a 4-ton single station, dual motion compacting press. Pressure is exerted from above by means of an eccentric motion and from below by means of a cam. Pressure is applied in both directions simultaneously for a uniform density gradient throughout the piece. It is ideally suited for producing compacts for many different applications.
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Features of Stokes Model 521 (F-4)
  • All movements of the press are mechanical resulting in repeatibility, low maintenance and maximum output.     * Precisions alignment of the upper punch is maintained by mounting the crosshead in heavy-duty adjustable V-Gibs.     * Hardened wear parts are used at critical areas for longer life     * Press is built to resist abrasive materials     * Simple set up     * Press can be operated manually and with jog provisions     * Machine is furnished with pneumatic clutch & brake     * Stationary core rod provides additional versatility for producing hollow parts as well as parts with blind holes or counter bores (optional).     * Centralized lubrication delivers a supply of lubricant to all wearing surfaces throughout long periods of use.     * Combination magnetic starter with fused disconnect is furnished     * Machine is filled by gravity hopper
General Specifications
Throughput55 samples/min
Tablet Depth1.25 in
Additional Specifications

Max. Operating Speed (compacts/min.): 25 – 55     
Max. Diameter of Piece (in.): 1 ¼     
Fill Depth – Range (in.): 1 ¼     
Max Pressure About and Below (tons): 4     
Die Diameter (in.): 2     
Stationary Core Rod Supporting Pressure (tons): 1 ton     
Upper Punch Max. Die Entrance (in.): 9/16     
Die Table Supporting Pressure (tons): 3     
Power Required (hp): 1

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