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Stokes Model 526 and 526S are dual motion compacting presses.

Stokes Model 526 and 526S are dual motion compacting presses. Pressure is exerted from above by means of an eccentric motion from below by means of a cam. Pressure is applied in both directions simultaneously for a uniform density gradient throughout the piece. It is ideally suited for producing compacts such as gears, rings, discs and bushings from a wide variety of materials.
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Features of Stokes Model 526 and 526S

Outstanding Design Features:      Mechanical motion: all movements of the press are mechanical resulting in repeatability, low maintenance and maximum output. Press can produce up to 45 compacts per minute depending on size and material compacted.     

Precision alignment of the upper punch is maintained by mounting the crosshead in heavy-duty adjustable V-Gibs.     

Simple setup:      Press can be operated manually and with jog provisions, and is furnished with pneumatically operated clutch and brake.     

Hardened wear parts are used a critical areas for long life. The press is built to resist abrasive conditions.     

Stationary core rod provides additional versatility for producing hollow parts as well as parts with blind holes or counter bores.

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CCS LLC - 526

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CCS LLC - 526S

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