Vapourtec - E Series System

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The E-Series flow chemistry system represents a true breakthrough

The E-Series flow chemistry system represents a true breakthrough:

Robust: Pumps which can handle strong acids, air and moisture sensitive reagents, and even light suspensions

Easy to use:

  • Simple intuitive touchscreen interface
  • Push button pump priming
  • Ready to use straight out of the box


  • About the same cost as a lab microwave synthesizer
  • Available in three configurations
  • easy-Scholar
  • easy-Polymer
  • easy-Medchem
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Features of E Series System

All models come with useful tools such as:

  • Solvent Vapour Pressure Calculator
  • Arrhenius Reaction Rate Calculator
  • Residence time calculator
  • Dispersion and residence time distribution tool

Vapourtec V-3 pump, which offers

  • 0.100 to 10ml/min flow rate
  • Up to 10 bar delivery pressure across whole flow rate range
  • Smooth continuous flow
  • Automatic push-button priming
  • The ability to easily pump
    • Strong acids
    • Organometallic reagents
    • Light suspensions
    • Consecutive immiscible solvents
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