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Vulcan is the first automated workstation combining the two essential steps of sample preparation -Digestion and Work-up.

Vulcan is the first automated workstation combining the two essential steps of sample preparation -Digestion and Work-up. It is the only true automation accepting samples and returns prepared autosampler racks ready to be analysed
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Features of Vulcan
  • Freedom from manual acid handling and exposure to acid fumes
  • Substantial cost savings in sample analysis expenditure
  • Contamination free environment for trace level sample preparation
  • Overcomes inconsistencies and uncertainties introduced by repetitive and tedious process
  • Increase in laboratory throughput
  • Saves prime lab space with smart inbuilt fume hood
  • Documentation of sample preparation processes
  • Effective use of skilled manpower through unattended operations
  • Provides safe and healthy work environment
  • Processing of 84 samples in 50 ml vials
  • Automatic and precise addition of corrosive acids, reagents and internal standard
  • Multistep heating of hot blocks.
  • Makeup volume at the end of digestion
  • Stirring of sample during the process
  • Cooling digestion vials between reagent additions
  • Transferring and diluting samples to autosampler racks
  • Can handle two digestion recipes at same time
General Specifications
Depth 51 cm
Height68 cm
Width 119 cm
Power Requirements 200
Weight75 kg
Additional Specifications

Hot Block   
Teflon ® coated Graphite   
Temperature rating:   
42 x 50 ml vials   
Fluid transfer system   
Rate of delivery:
2 ml per second   
Accuracy of delivery:   
±0.05 ml   
Level sensing accuracy:   
500 Μ of vial height   
Number of independent reagents:   
Up to 5   
(Rinse refreshed by peristaltic pump)   
Dimensions: (width x depth x height)    
119 x 51 x 68 cm   
(43" x 20" x 27")   
75 kg / (165 lbs.)   
Shipping weight:   
110 kg / (243 lbs.)   
Exhaust (unrestricted air draw):   
Minimum 120 CFM required   
Sample capacity:   
84 samples for 50 ml vials.   
Minimum computer requirement:   
PC Notebook or Desktop, Windows® XP™ or Windows® 7™   
2 USB ports, 512 MB RAM, 80 GB HD

  • The Vulcan by Questron.

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