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Manufactured by  ACG North America
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The Legacy 6100 tablet press provides quality output, a fast return on investment, economy and efficiency.

The Legacy 6100 tablet press provides quality output, a fast return on investment, economy and efficiency.   
The Legacy 6100 tablet press is highly automated and user friendly so that it can maintain the quality of tablets during high speed production with minimal operator training. It features speeds up to 400,00 tablets per hour @100 rpm.   
Its versatile feeding mechanism enhances the uniform filling of die pockets and offers more control over dusting and loss of fines.
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Features of Legacy 6100
  • The machine makes automatic online weight adjustments through compression force measurement and control. This helps maintain regularity in tablet appearance, content uniformity and weight consistency.   * The special elevator design and high-speed uniform feed reduces risk of jamming of the feeder, reducing downtime.   * Its high level of automation reduces the chance of human contact which prevents product contamination and improves operator safety.   * The IPC can store up to 200 recipes for formulation, and has more than 90 parameters that constitute each formulation.   * The machine's interchangeable turret design provides greater flexibility and enables you to address future market needs.   * The machine comes with a no-corner-pillar design that makes it more accessible and easier to clean, resulting in faster changeover times.   * The machine meets global standards of safety environment-friendly features, such as control over dusting.   * The Legacy 6100 is very safe for operator use because of its automation and also includes a two-level safety alarm, an air-brake system to stop the machine in case of an emergency, and an overload safety protection for the main and motor feeds.   * This machine complies with 21 CFR Part 11.
General Specifications
Throughput40000 samples/hr

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