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The latest introduction from GlobePharma is the SIFT-N-BLEND new powder blender with a built-in screening mechanism

SIFT-N-BLENDTM (PATENT PENDING) technology facilitates screening of the materials in the blender itself while blending; eliminating the need to pre-screen any materials, even the ones with hard lumps. Screens with different mesh sizes are interchangeable. With proper selection of the screen and speed of screening, more uniform and physically stable blends may be obtained using this technology.  
The semi-tubular screen is mounted onto the blender shell trunnion and it rotates along with the shell in the same direction, while a paddle, which replaces the intensifier bar of a standard blender, turns in the opposite direction to the rotation of the screen. A variable frequency drive controls the speed of the paddle. While the shell is turning, the semi-tubular screen picks up the powder and the paddle pushes it through the screen
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Features of SIFT-N-BLEND
  • Complete elimination of the step of separate pre-screening of raw materials, with reduction in processing time and improvement in dust control.   * Light weight and it comes in three pieces, each of which can be mounted separately, making it easier to attach and detach.   * Screen, the paddle and the screen mounting tubes are all made 316 SS.   * Interchangeable screens of different mesh sizes may be used depending on the application.   * Effective at lower speeds than the intensifier bar.   * With proper selection of screen and speed of the paddle, it is possible to obtain more uniform and segregation-resistant blends because of the shearing action when the materials are passed through the screen, which may coat the finer API particles over the excipient particles.   * Easy to clean the components.
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