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Rhino Series Brix Handheld Refractometers

The Reichert Brix Rhino series of hand-held refractometers (0-30, 0-50, 50-90 Brix) has long been the industry standard for measuring the Brix scale or % solids (as sucrose). Now featuring an all black polymer housing which is impact resistant; IP67 dustproof and water resistant; and improved image quality. Also featuring a blue prism for improved scale and reading visibility.

Reichert Brix Rhino series hand-held refractometers use automatic temperature compensation to provide superior results. This temperature compensation makes it unnecessary to measure temperature and apply a correction factor.

Reichert Brix Rhino series hand-held refractometers are easy to use. Simply place a couple drops of sample on the sample prism, close the cover, and point the unit towards a light source. Look into the eyepiece to take a reading.

Designed to provide the best readings for your application. Rugged, water resistant, and simple to use...
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Features of Rhino Series
  • Rugged, impact resistant housing for the ultimate in durability.
  • Water resistant to prevent condensation or damage to internal components from moisture
  • Automatic temperature compensation provides accurate readings without correction tables or temperature measurement
  • Large, easy-to-read scale for Brix measurement
  • Portable; no batteries or power cord required Ideal for use in a laboratory or in the field
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Series Modals

Reichert Technologies - BRIX 30

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Reichert Technologies - BRIX 50

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Reichert Technologies - BRIX 90

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