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TS400 High Performance Handheld Refractometer (Clinical)

The Reichert TS400 contains scales to measure urine specific gravity with precision to +/-0.001 (range 1.000 - 1.060); protein concentration with precision of +/-0.2 (range 0.0 – 12.0); and refraction with precision to +/-0.0004 (range 1.333 – 1.357). All readings are automatically temperature compensated which eliminates measuring temperature and applying a correction factor.

The TS400 features an optical design with anti-reflection, coated glass and a 10x focusable eyepiece to improve image resolution and to provide high contrast and a sharp shadowline for easy viewing of scales.

The manual for the TS400 includes a full set of conversion tables for protein, urine solids and refractive index.
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Features of TS 400
  • Measures urine specific gravity, serum or plasma protein concentration, and refractive index for dissolved solids measurements in other aqueous solutions
  • Automatic temperature compensation provides accurate readings without correction tables or temperature measurement
  • Small sample required - just 0.010 mL
General Specifications
RI Accuracy0.0004 nD
Additional Specifications

Serum Protein Range: 0.0 - 12.0 g/100mL, +/-0.2 g/100mL
Urine Specific Gravity Range: 1.000 - 1.050, +/-0.001

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