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TS Meter Handheld Goldberg Series Refractometer (Clinical)

Designed according to the Goldberg method of refractometry, the Reichert TS Meter contains scales to measure urine specific gravity with precision to 0.001 units (range 1.000 - 1.035); protein concentration with precision of 0.1g/100 mL (range 2.5 - 15g/100 mL); and refraction with precision to 2.0 (range 0 - 320). All readings are automatically temperature compensated which eliminates errors and additional work associated with measuring temperature and applying a correction factor or using a correction chart.

Two popular accessories are available for use with the Reichert TS Meter. The Illuminated Table Stand provides convenience for laboratory applications. The stand's built-in illuminator provides a clear reading of the refractometer's internal scale. A tilting mount permits easy sample loading. The molded, clear plastic drip pan easily removes for cleaning. The Reichert TS Meter can be permanently secured to the stand for maximum safety, eliminating accidental breakage.
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Features of TS Meter
  • Measures urine specific gravity, serum or plasma protein concentration, and refractive index for dissolved solids measurements in other aqueous solutions
  • Automatic temperature compensation provides accurate readings without correction tables or temperature measurement
  • Small sample required - just 0.005 mL
  • Accuracy and reproducibility comparable to benchtop Abbe refractometers
General Specifications
RI Range0 to 320 nD
RI Accuracy2
Additional Specifications

Urine Specific Gravity Range: 1.000 - 1.035 +/- 0.001
Serum Protein Range: 2.5 - 15.0 g/100 mL +/- 0.1 g/100mL

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