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Brix Handheld Refractometer, Ultra-Precision Model

The Reichert Precision Brix Tester measures % solids (Brix) in water-soluble solutions on a 0 - 30° scale. Designed according to the Goldberg method of refractometry, it is ideally suited for production of soft drinks, fruit juices, wines and beer. It is also used for quality control in beverage dispensing equipment and vending machines.

Additional applications include determining fruit ripeness by checking dissolved sugar level. Individual pieces of grapes, citrus fruits, melons, strawberries, tomatoes and solutions such as maple sap can be tested by squeezing a small sample onto the refractometer prism. Harvest populations can be sampled at various locations throughout the vineyard, orchard or field to assure that fruit is harvested at the optimum time.

The Brix scale can also be used as an arbitrary scale to quickly determine true solids content when the relationship between the % solids and the Brix scale is known.
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Features of Brix
  • Automatic temperature compensation provides accurate readings without correction tables or temperature measurement
  • All optics and instrument scales are permanently sealed inside shock and damage resistant bodies
  • Magnified scales with easy-to-read markings and divisions allow true readings and accurate results with every use
General Specifications
Brix Range 0 to 30 %
Brix Accuracy0.1 %
Additional Specifications

Calibration Liquid: Distilled Water

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