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Automated UV Dissolution Systems

Agilent, Varian and VanKel dissolution apparatus can be directly linked to the diode array  Agilent 8453 UV-visible spectrophotometer for automated test runs. Agilent's UV-visible ChemStation software integrates the apparatus, the spectrophotometer and the computer to a system supporting guided operation and unattended test runs with online test progress monitoring.      
ChemStation software supports test preparation, as well as post run activities. The software offers additional features by adding advanced capabilities for method development and validation, as well as a tool set for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.
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Features of 8453 UV Dissolution System

Three different approaches of online sampling are offered and a maximum of four apparatus can be linked to a single spectrophotometer. The online systems offer parallel sampling for a single apparatus or sequential sampling for up to four apparatus. In the offline approach, the dissolution samples are collected independently of the 8453 though sample analysis and data evaluation are performed with the 8453, creating a flexible approach to evaluation of dissolution results.     

The UV-visible ChemStation’s dissolution software supports full spectral acquisition. During a dissolution run, corrections can be applied for capsule absorbance and background scattering, as well as multicomponent analysis for formulations containing more than a single active ingredient. Analytical methods can be optimized without repeating the test run simply by recalculation of the run data.     

Software supports offline analysis, as well as automated methodology.     

In automated dissolution runs, the sampling systems are controlled by the 8453 spectrophotometer using the built-in real-time clock. Diagnostic tools are offered for checking the sampling system performance.     

All online sampling systems offer configurable measurements for a maximum of 8 transfer lines (typically 6 dissolution vessels plus one standard and one blank). Transfer lines can be enabled for blank, sample and control measurements or even disabled. This allows flexibility in terms of the quantity of vessels used.     

The multicell-based sampling system is a closed loop system with no media loss. A virtually unlimited number of timepoints can be addressed freely adjustable down to 0.1 minutes. The simultaneous sample transfer in combination with the fast measurements is good for timepoints as close as 2 minutes. A compensation adjustment for the differences in cell absorbance is provided.     

The valve-based sampling system is an open-loop system that will discard the solution after measurement. Typical media loss is 4 mL per measurement. Timepoints can be set as multiples of the configurable minimum cycle time of 5, 7.5 or 10 minutes. The number of timepoints is limited by the medium loss tolerable. Because a single flow cell is used for each apparatus, the system is quite economical.     

Multi-apparatus sampling applies valve-based sampling for up to four apparatus connected to a single 8453 spectrophotometer. Different apparatus as well as different methods can be handled concurrently.

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