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GC/MSD System

HP 5972 system uses electron impact (EI) ionization and is capable of performing full mass scans or selective ion monitoring (SIM).    
Mass Spectrometer:     
Full Scan:     
Mass Range: 1.6-700 amu     
Scan Speed: Up to 1800 amu/sec with 1 amu resolution     
Sensitivity: 10pg of Hexachlorobenzene yields a signal to noise of >10:1     
Selective Ion Monitoring:     
Mass Range: Up to 50 groups of 30 masses/group     
Sensitivity: 200fg of Hexachlorobezene yields a signal to noise of >10:1
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Documents & Manuals

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Features of 5972
  • Lower noise by factor of 5X.     
  • Run at lower Emission current 35uA (similar to 5972-5973).     
  • Use 5972/73 filament.     
  • Able to tune in higher repeller voltage (similar to 5972-5973).     
  • Mass range: Extended to 700 AMU
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