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Basic colorimetric analysis for the environmental field

The Skalar BluVision™ discrete analyzer is developed for the automation of colorimetric applications. The analyzer is based on Skalar's well-proven XYZ robotic platform. The BluVisionTM was designed to handle a variety of sample types and matrices found in today's diverse laboratories. The central focus for the BluVision™ discrete analyzer's design was to incorporate Skalar's expertise in automated wet-chemistry analysis and transfer it to an easy-to-use, low maintenance, user friendly instrument with unsurpassed detection limits.
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Features of BluVision

Sample loading

The BluVision™ is created for ease-of-use. Loading of samples, QC, standards and reagents is done from the front of the analyzer via sliding drawers to eliminate errors, spills and makes the instrument easily accessible for the operator. Also placing of priority samples can be done from the front while an analysis run is in progress.


A total number of 36 reagent positions are available to cover the reagents required for 14 different analytical parameters to be analyzed on the same batch of samples. This high number of parameters and sample capacity make the BluVision™ the ideal tool for running large series of samples for a few parameters or a wide range of parameters on a few samples. This design illustrates the flexibility of the BluVision™ for application in a variety of laboratory settings and provides true “walk-away” automation.


The key element of the BluVision™ discrete analyzer is Skalar's own uniquely designed photometric detection system which handles thirty-eight 20-positions disposable cuvette racks. Each cuvette has a 1.5 cm optical path-length which allows accurate low ppb level detection. The use of disposable cuvettes was incorporated to eliminate any carry-over between samples and reduced operator intervention.

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