Olympus - BX51-P

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Unsurpassed optics render polarized light images sharper than ever before.

Olympus is proud to introduce the BX51-P, the new polarizing microscope with superb performance in polarized light. It's a breakthrough combination of world-renowned UIS infinity-corrected optics and Olympus original optical-design. Olympus has also devised a new, extended line of compensators to make the BX51-P versatile enough to handle observation and measuring applications in virtually any field.
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Features of BX51-P

With the U-CPA conoscopic observation attachment, the changeover between orthoscopic and conoscopic observation methods is simple and quick — just slide the Bertrand lens control knob in or out.    

The circular rotatable stage has two centering knobs and allows smooth sample rotation. A settable click stop every 45 degrees enables accurate observation and measurement.    

An ergonomic Y-shaped frame ensures comfortable, efficient observation with less fatigue, even over prolonged periods.    

Standard field number F.N. 22 represents a 21% increase in field size, covered with the conventional F.N. 20.    

The high intensity 12V, 100W halogen light source combined with the UIS optical system and its high transmittance result in exceptionally bright and sharp images.    

Mounting an attachable crossmovement mechanical stage (U-FMP) onto the circular rotatable stage makes for improved observation efficiency. Interference between the mechanical stage and the objectives is eliminated, so that images of superb quality can be effortlessly observed with all objective magnification.

General Specifications
Upright TypeMetallurgical
Microscope TypeUpright
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