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Fully automated online analysis of toxicity in water and many other chemical parameters

Fully automated, direct read, discrete analyzer to maximize productivity for routine acute toxicity measurements

Easychem TOX combines the latest technology in discrete analysis with an innovative, unique design that guarantees accurate and reproducible results.

Easychem TOX is the first discrete analyzer to utilize the Cuvette Quality Assurance System, performing an integrated QC check of each cuvette prior to use.  
In addition to automated analysis, Easychem TOX offers automated system Quality Control.

Easychem TOX is also the first discrete analyzer to utilize a patented, integrated direct reading luminometer based on high sensitivity photomultiplier designed for multitasking and high output rates.

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Features of EASYCHEM TOX

The advantages of direct read discrete analysis

  • Each reaction takes place in its own optical cuvette
  • True sample blanking performed directly in each cuvette
  • No flow cells
  • No baseline stabilization
  • No manual manifold changeover
  • No excessive reagent consumption
  • Automatic reagent check
  • Pre and Post dilution of samples and or positive controls
  • Automatic spike preparation

Direct Read: more simplicity & security

Easychem TOX utilizes direct read luminometer utilizing a true discrete, direct read measurement system and reusable, high purity synthetic optical cuvette system eliminating compromised sample measurement.

SmartWash: eliminate carryover during sampling

  • Level sensor makes probe washing easy, with a standard 2 mm immersion depth
  • Probe cleaned after every liquid contact - prevents cross-contamination and carryover
  • Potential contaminants go the way they need to flow – out of the sample probe!
  • Three-stage process: clean the inside of the probe, clean the washing well, then clean the outside of the probe

Sample loading

4 universal, separate racks for continuous loading of samples, calibrators and controls

Cuvette Quality Assurance System: eliminate carryover during analysis

  • Automated cleaning eliminates carryover in the cuvette
  • Optical integrity of each cuvette quantitatively verified before each use
  • Provides an infinite number of reaction vessels for analysis
  • Economical: long lasting cuvettes
  • Environmentally friendly: Minimize hazardous waste and solid wastes
  • No operator intervention required!

Computer controlled micro pipettor

  • Accurate and precise dispensing of all liquids
  • Automatic probe washing between each sampling cycle
  • Microlitre reagent and sample consumption
  • Liquid level sensor provides warnings for low reagent and sample levels


  • High resolution, digital photon counter
  • Low dark current
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