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Single-beam, microprocessor-controlled, UV-Vis spectrophotometer

The HP 8452A Diode-Array Spectrophotometer is a single-beam, microprocessor-controlled spectrophotometer. Visible/UV - range of 190 to 820 nm with 2 nm resolution. It is used when speed of measurement is essential. It is faster, more sensitive and some believe it has more precision than a conventional spectrometer due to the photo diode-array detection system.

With its diode array technology, the HP 8452A Diode-Array Spectrophotometer is much faster then conventional instruments; with more precision, more sensitivity and more reproducible results.

The HP 8452A Diode-Array Spectrophotometer can be controlled from a computer equipped with HP UV-Vis software. It can also be equipped with accessories which include special cell holders, peristaltic pumps, auto sampler, a multicell transport, a Peltier temperature control accessory, and valve unit and valve pump controller. All accessories are extra and they are not included with system.

Our basic system ships with computer, software, and a single cell holder. We have UV-Visible Software Rev. A running on Windows 95.
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Features of 8452A
  • Single, collimated (parallel) beam that allows greater flexibility in your selection of cuvettes and accessories
  • Diode array detector with different options
  • UV-Vis instrument for ultraviolet and visible range 190 nm to 820nm
  • low noise lamp with low power requirements.
  • HP-IB communication protocol for flexibility in selecting present and future controllers
  • 512 detectors
  • Detectors are integrated on a single chip (photodiode array)
  • Diodes discharge in proportion to the incident light flux
  • Deuterium discharge lamp for the full UV and visible range simplifies the operation of the spectrophotometer
General Specifications
Bandwidth2 nm
OpticsSingle Beam
Photodetector Diode Array
Wavelength Range190 to 820 nm

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