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Anton Paar - Multiwave 3000

Manufactured by  Anton Paar
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Multiwave 3000 is a modular microwave digestion system specially designed to considerably reduce the workload between...

Multiwave 3000 is a modular microwave digestion system specially designed to considerably reduce the workload between sample collection and spectrometric analysis. Easy, safe and quick handling are major benefits of Multiwave 3000. The reaction vessels, rotors and accessories are easily adapted to meet individual requirements for microwave sample preparation such as drying, evaporation, extraction, UV digestion or oxygen combustion.
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Features of Multiwave 3000

Safety and speed without compromise           

  • Two magnetrons          
  • 1400 W unpulsed microwave power          
  • Sophisticated sensors for reaction control          
  • Patented cooling system          
  • Stored library of tested methods          
  • Magnetic stirrer          
  • Equipped for standardized leaching procedures          

High-performance digestion rotors          

  • 48-position rotor: high sample throughput with up to 48 reaction vessels          
  • 16-position rotor: high productivity and high digestion performance          
  • 8-position rotor: continuous pressure monitoring of all vessels for improved reaction control          

Microwave-assisted extraction (MAE)          

  • Solvent extraction with drastically shortened reaction times          
  • Combination of extraction and derivatization techniques          
  • Dual use: digestion and extraction easier than ever          

Evaporation and drying          

  • Direct evaporation of acids and concentration of aqueous sample solutions          
  • Drying without carbonization or contamination          
  • Unpulsed microwave power ensures soft and efficient drying without carbonization or contamination of samples          

Special applications: UV digestion, oxygen combustion and hydrolysis          

  • Microwave-assisted UV digestion          
  • Microwave-induced oxygen combustion          
  • Acid hydrolysis of proteins
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