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Stereotaxic Modular Syringe Pump- >    The Nanojet syringe pump is a sensitive modular stereot...

Stereotaxic Modular Syringe Pump-      
The Nanojet syringe pump is a sensitive modular stereotaxic syringe pump for use in surgery and to handle radioactive material. The header is a small syringe pump - weighing only 525 grams and can be detached and placed away from the control box while connected with a CAT 5 cable. This syringe pump infuses/withdraws microsyringes, and can infuse glass and plastic syringes up to 2ml.      
Remote Syringe Pump Module-     
Four pump headers can be equipped and controlled by one pump control box. The headers are capable of delivering very finite amounts of drug to parts of the brain or for use in microdialysis.     
The Nanojet header is shielded and can be used with MRI machines up to the 500 gauss line.
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Features of NanoJet StereoTaxic
  • up to 4 remote headers * independent header control * attachable to stereotaxic frames * MRI compatible to 500 gauss line * RS232 for PC control
General Specifications
Depth 6 in
Height4 in
Width 9.5 in
Power Requirements 100-240 VAC: 50/60 Hz
Weight5 lbs
Additional Specifications

± 0.5% 
± 0.05% 
Flow Rate: 
Minimum (0.5 Μl syringe) 0.001Μl/min 
Maximum (1 ml syringe) 1ml/min 
Linear Force:  
10 lbs with variable force selection 
Step Resolution:  
0.298 microns

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