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Manufactured by  METTLER TOLEDO
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4 place digital density meter for measurement of density, specific gravity, API (petroleum), BRIX (sugar), alcohol or...

4 place digital density meter for measurement of density, specific gravity, API (petroleum), BRIX (sugar), alcohol or concentration of aqueous solutions.
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Features of DE40

Main features

  • Built-in Peltier thermostat for temperature control.
  • Certified density standard included (NIST traceable).
  • Memory cards for method transfer or data storage.
  • 9 user methods (+1 for adjustment).
  • Automation: sampling pump SC1 and sample changer SC30.
  • Connection to RE40 and RE50 refractometers for simultaneous determination of density and refractive index.
  • Barcode reader connection to easy read in sample ID and operator names.
  • Connection to computer for data handling.


  • Certified density standards for CHECK and ADJUSTMENT.
  • ADJUSTMENT with air & water or certified standards.
  • Special CHECK function for regular instrument check.
  • The last 10 CHECK and ADJUSTMENT data are stored and can be recalled and printed out anytime.
  • Printout with all important data like operator name, date, time, serial number of the instrument and measurement data.
General Specifications

There are no General Specifications available.

Additional Specifications

Measurement range:  
0-3 g/cm3 
Temperature control:  
yes (Peltier)  
Temperature compensation:  
Temperature range:  
4-90 °C  
Fully automatic viscosity correction:  
option, by Software  
Sample volume:  
1.2 mL  
Typical measuring time:  
50 s 
Sampling pump:  
Sample changer:  
Special applications:  
BRIX (sugar); Alcohol conc. API (petroleum); Concentration(1) 
Liquid density standards:  
5 Water  
User methods:  
Memory card:  
Printer output:  
PC connection: 
Refractometer connection: 
yes, to RE40 or RE50

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