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ADEPT – ALine Development Platform

When developing a new microfluidic assay card, it is helpful to be able to rapidly prototype and test design changes. As you fine-tune your application, you want to be able to easily experiment with different rates and timing when you move and mix reagents with the on-board valves and pumps. These on-board pneumatic devices can be reliably controlled with the ALine Development Platform (ADEPT).   
ADEPT is a programmable microfluidic controller that can operate up to 8 independent pneumatic valves. ADEPT offers both manual switches and software control with simple programs stored on an SD card. You have timed control of all the devices in the system. You can choose to control your microfluidic experiments with any combination of manual or software control. Programs are loaded from a computer and stored in a text file on a microSD card. ADEPT runs the stored programs without being connected to a computer. Mixed use of manual and software control gives you the flexibility you need.   
The ALine Development Platform consists of a controller unit, a pneumatic manifold, an XY stage, a microscope, and a camera. ADEPT is primarily used to control a microfluidic device pneumatically and observe its performance. The ADEPT platform is typically used for independent control of 8 to 16 valves, though it can be configured to control more than 32 independent valves if desired. The ADEPT controller is a modular system that can be easily expanded to meet user requirements, by adding more valve driver modules
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Features of ADEPT

System Features   

The ALine Development Platform consists of:    • a programmable pneumatic controller unit    • a microscope    • an XY stage    • a manifold to interface with a microfluidic laminate    • and a camera.   

Control Pneumatic Microfluidic Valves and Pumps   

  • Precise, independent control of on-board pumps and valves.   
  • Manual Toggle switches for each valve: ON, OFF, SOFTWARE.   
  • Software control: run a protocol from a microSD card.   
  • Control over the network with any web browser, including iPads.   
  • Additional software control techniques: LabView, Custom Firmware.   

Microscope and XY Stage   

  • Observe your experiments and record images to an SD card.   
  • Use optical comparator functions to take measurements.   
  • Light from above, below, or obliquely.   

Optional Web Interface    ADEPT can also be configured with a network connection and be controlled from any web browser, including Safari on an iPad. When using the web interface, you can control ADEPT using any combination of the physical toggle switches, software control with a program stored on the microSD card, or by clicking on virtual buttons in the web interface. The web interface also shows the current state of all the valves on ADEPT, so you can monitor the system remotely.

General Specifications
Depth 14 in
Height5.5 in
Width 9 in
Weight5 lbs
Additional Specifications

8 independently programmable air/vacuum pneumatic outputs.   
Output pressure:    
Outputs switch between user-regulated 0-20 PSI air and vacuum   
Air / Vacuum Inputs:    
Push-to-connect ports for connecting vacuum and air sources up to 100 PSI.   
Pressure Regulators:    
On-board regulators for air and vacuum. System air is regulated from 0-20 PSI.   
USB-B port:    
Can connect to a computer to upload custom firmware.   
Ethernet port:    
Optional network connection can be used to control system remotely via a web page or iPad.   
MicroSD card:    
Load programs into the system with a MicroSD card.   
Input voltage:    
12V DC, US Adapter included

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