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In addition to the high image quality observation due to the improvement of the illuminating system, the vacuum sy...

In addition to the high image quality observation due to the improvement of the illuminating system, the vacuum system and the signal processing system, the JSM-IT300 is a Scanning Electron Microscope, which can be operated with a high throughput by using touch panel operation and the high speed stage.

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Features of JSM-IT300

Image Quality

  • Improved electron optics for higher image quality, faster imaging and analysis.
  • High vaccum mode
  • Less Charging
  • New scan mode inhibits charging artifacts with non-conductive samples.

Low Vacuum Mode (LV)

  • Low vacuum pressure range from 10 to 650Pa extends the range of materials that can be readily observed.

Specimen Navigation

  • Fully automated, 5 axis motor stage speeds up search for region of interest (ROI).
  • Quickly reach the ROI from a color image using the Stage Navigation System (Option).


  • High Current mode, probe current up to 1ΜA (20kV).
  • Advanced Zoom Condenser Lens minimizes image and focus shift due to changes in probe current.
  • Computer eucentric stage rotation allows for easy positioning of a specimen or ROI.


Large Chamber and Stage

  • Can accept large and heavy specimens, from 200mm diameter × 80mm tall and up to 2kg.
  • Analytical Port Geometry
  • Multiple ports for a variety of accessories such as: EDS, EBSD and WDS. Co-planar EDS and EBSD geometry. Dual
  • EDS detectors can be mounted at 180° for high throughput microanalysis.
  • Faster Stage Movement
  • Newly developed motorized stage enables faster positioning (1.5 times faster, compared to other JEOL products).

Fully Automated 5 Axis Motor Stage

  • Mechanically eucentric, asynchronous, 5 axis (X, Y, Z, T, R) motor control stage.
  • Computer eucentric tilt and rotation correction built in for tall specimens or when the ROI is not centered on the rotation axis.

New Vacuum System

  • New vacuum system for fast pump down after specimen exchange. Better signal in low vacuum mode.

Intuitive Operation

In Touch Interface

  • Comfortable operation is achieved with a newly designed and developed graphical user interface (GUI), which is operate through the touch screen. The GUI size is adjustable so that the work area can be optimized while analysis or data processing is performed.


  • Multiple user login function for customized workspace and specimen condition settings.


  • Interchangeable English to Japanese GUI (select through Icon).
General Specifications
Magnification5 to 300000 x
Accelerating voltage0.3 to 30 kV
Electron Microscope TypeSEM
Probe Current1 pA to 1 ?A
Microscope TypeElectron
Additional Specifications

Resolution HV mode: 3.0 nm (30 kV) 15.0 nm (1.0 kV)

Resolution LV mode: 4.0 nm (30 kV BED)

Preset magnifications: 6 levels (Can be set by the user)

Electron gun:: Fully automatic/Manual adjustment available

Filament: Factory pre-centered tungsten hairpin filament

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