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Pre-made human and mouse miRNA expression lentivirus

Human or mouse microRNA precursors and their native context sequences (upstream and downstream flanking genomic sequences) were PCR amplified, and cloned into a pLenti-TetCMV(GFP-Stop-3UTR/miRNA)-Rsv(Puro) lentivector. The GFP and pre-miRNA are co-transcribed under the same promoter, the optional inducible CMV promoter. The GFP provides a convenient indicator for miRNA expression levels. A puromycin antibiotic selection marker provides the selection method for long term stable expression. See the scheme below for the core vector structure.
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Features of miRNA lentiviruses
  • Each order will contain two pre-made miRNA lentiviruses     * 0.5 ml of pre-made specific miRNA lentivirus (the desired specific miRNA),     * 0.5 ml of negative control miRNA lentivirus     * miRNA expression product manual     * Virus titer: 1x10e7 IFU/ml
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