WALDNER - Secuflow bench-mounted fume cupboard

Manufactured by  WALDNER
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Protective device for the user, tested in acc. with EN 14175       Extraction of fumes, aerosols...

  • Protective device for the user, tested in acc. with EN 14175       
  • Extraction of fumes, aerosols and dust from the internal workspace to prevent dangerous amounts of pollutants from escaping into the laboratory       
  • To prevent the formation of dangerous potentially explosive atmospheres in the internal workspace       
  • Protection from splashes of hazardous substances       
  • Protection from flying particles, bodies or parts escaping from the internal workspace       
  • General fume cupboards constructed in acc. with EN 14175 are normally not suited for use with radioactive substances or microorganisms       
  • Not suitable for openly breaking down chemicals       
  • Active supportive flow technology (Secuflow technology) reduces the energy consumption while regulations and standards are observed       
  • Service outlets in the rear panel of the internal workspace       
  • Control units located horizontally on the service rail of the support unit
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    Features of Secuflow bench-mounted fume cupboard

    Fume cupboards for more safety.        All laboratory work during which gases, fumes, particles or liquids are handled in dangerous quantities and concentrations must be performed in fume cupboards.       

    Reduced energy consumption – increased profitability         Our bench mounted fume cupboards with side installation which are tested in accordance with EN 14175, e.g., use 350 m³/h/lfm, all bench mounted fume cupboards with Secuflow technology require 270 m³/h/lfm.       

    Safety through the intake airflow profile on the front edge of the fume cupboard worktop        It prevents turbulence that could carry pollutant emissions.       

    Largest possible access area        The slender, patented side posts of our fume cupboards offer an increased nominal width of the internal workspace and due to their special shape ensure that there is little turbulence in the intake air.

    General Specifications
    Fume Hood TypeConventional Ducted
    Internal Height 1550
    Internal Width 1150 mm 1450, 1750, 2050
    Depth 900 mm
    Height2700 mm
    Width 1200 mm 1500,1800, 2100 mm
    Weight250 kg 300, 350, 400

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