Parker Balston - H2PD Series

Manufactured by  Parker Balston
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Hydrogen Generators for Fuel and Carrier Gas

The Parker Balston Hydrogen Generator is an excellent source of ultra-pure, dry hydrogen for a wide range of laboratory uses. The generator is used extensively with Gas Chromatographs, as a fuel gas for Flame Ionization Detectors (FID), as a reaction gas for Hall Detectors, and as a carrier gas to ensure absolute repeatability of retention times. In high sensitivity Trace Hydrocarbon Analyzers and air pollution monitors, the hydrogen produced ensures the lowest possible background noise.

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Features of H2PD Series
  • Eliminates dangerous and expensive hydrogen gas cylinders from the laboratory
  • Exceeds OSHA 1910.103 and NFPA 50A safety guidelines
  • Safe - produces only as much gas as you need
  • Produces a continuous supply of 99.99999+% pure hydrogen gas without snap on downstream purifiers
  • Compact and reliable - only one square foot of bench space required and designed to run continuously 24 hours/day - includes automatic water fill
  • Unique (NM) no maintenance palladium membrane prevents baseline drift unlike auto-drying technologies
  • Certified for laboratory use by CSA, UL, IEC 1010, and CE Mark
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Series Modals

Parker Balston - H2PD-150

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Parker Balston - H2PD-300

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