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ACD-200 Bobcat Air Sampler with Rapid Filter Elution Kit

The Bobcat is a lightweight, portable, dry filter air sampler with a unique rapid filter elution kit. It is ideally suited for the collection of bio-aerosols and particulate matter; including sub-micron sized particles, airborne molecular contamination, and particulates. This system has been developed to address a broad range of air sampling requirements.
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Features of ACD-200 Bobcat
  • Lightweight, only 7.8 lbs with battery     * Built-in tripod     * Built-in omni-directional aerosol inlet     * Easy to read status display     * Built-in carry handle     * Rugged mil-spec design     * Built-in mass flow sensor for consistent sampling rates     * 4 programmable run modes allow the user to balance collection rate with battery life     * Disposable, single use filter cassette and elutor components– no need for decontamination     * No liquids in the collector allow for use in extreme temperatures     * Eluting captured particles from the filter takes only 5 seconds; sample is ready for analysis in less than one minute     * Easy to use– operators can be trained in 10 minutes     * Controls can be manipulated with gloved hands, while in full NBC gear     * Designed for use in high-stress environments     * Single electrical port allows for remote triggering, data acquisition, and external power supply with one connection
General Specifications
Depth 16 cm
Height30 cm
Width 17 cm
Power Requirements 82 - 265 Volt (47 - 63 Hz).
Weight3.5 kg with battery
Additional Specifications

Operating principle     
Electret filter media, , built-in mass flow sensor for consistent sampling rates     
Air Collection rate     
100 or 200 LPM     
Built-in omnidirectional aerosol inlet “super-sampling inlet”     
Collection efficiency     
1.0 Μm dia: 95%     
3.0 Μm dia: 86.9%     
Temp./humidity range     
5 to 70°C in non-condensing environments     
Power Source     
Rechargeable Mil spec BB-2590/U     
Universal wall supply:      
82-265 Volt (47-63 Hz).     
Power Consumption     
18 hrs continuous 200 Lpm >4 days intermittent mode     
Military CCSI     
Built-in tripod extends to 40” at inlet     
Filter Recovery Method     
Wet Foam Elution     
Final Sample volume     
7 mL     
Recovery efficiency     
Recovery time     
20 seconds     
Sample-to-sample carryover     
0% (completely disposable

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