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For unattended and continuous use – including automatic drainage of residue

For unattended and continuous use – including automatic drainage of residue   
Save time by distilling large volumes in a continuous and unattended manner overnight and during the weekend   
The complete system is sensor-controlled and turns off the automatic module as well as all connected equipment completely in case of an emergency   
The system can be placed under a fume hood which ensures the highest safety level for the operator   
An easy accessible emergency-button allows to stop the process immediately by the operator
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Features of Distimatic
  • Automatic refill of the evaporation flask with the solvent mixture set according to your settings. Continuous automatic discharge of condensate        * The worldwide unique automatic residue drainage offers a wide range of new possibilities for automatic distillation       * All parameters can be set individually       * The automatic module is compatible with all Laborota 20, Hei-VAP and Laborota 4000 models and also with other comparable bench top evaporators       * The storage and the collecting tank can be replaced during the process
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