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Manufactured by  Anton Paar
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The modular analysis system PBA-SD Generation M measures °Brix in regular soft drinks and diet concentration in diet...

The modular analysis system PBA-SD Generation M measures °Brix in regular soft drinks and diet concentration in diet drinks. It simultaneously determines the CO2 content of the sample. No degassing is required, just select a method and push the button to get extremely fast and precise results. PBA-SD Generation M consists of a DMA 5000 M density meter, DietQC™ ME colorimeter module, CarboQC ME CO2 measuring module and PFD filling device. To upgrade a PBA-S of the previous instrument generation, the DietQC™ classic is available.
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Features of PBA-SD Generation M

Precise results without sample preparation

  • No degassing, no filtering
  • Measurement directly out of glass bottles, PET bottles and cans
  • Precise determination of °Brix or diet concentration
  • Simultaneous CO2 measurement

Fast, comfortable and safe

  • Results after 3 to 5 minutes
  • Intuitive colour touch screen operation
  • Safe and clean sample handling with the PFD filling device
  • No chemicals required
  • Data export as Excel, PDF or text files via USB flash drive
  • Connection to LIMS or network printer via Ethernet
  • Modular concept: options for sugar inversion, dissolved O2, turbidity, pH or the automated package sampler Xsample 510
  • Option for uncolored drinks available for even more stable and faster results
General Specifications
Sample Size150 mL
Additional Specifications

Measuring range Regular soft drinks:     
0 °Brix to 15 °Brix     
Diet soft drinks:      
0 % to 200 %     
0 g/L to 12 g/L (0 vol to 6 vol)     
Repeatibility s.d.      
Regular soft drinks: 0.01 °Brix     
Diet soft drinks (colored): 0.2 %*     
Diet soft drinks (colorless or turbid): 0.4 %*     
CO2: 0.01 g/L (0.005 vol)     
Measuring units (diet drinks)      
mL NaOH, g/L TA, %     
Sample temperature      
4 °C to 25 °C     
Measuring time      
Regular soft drinks: 3 to 5 minutes     
Diet soft drinks (colored): 3 minutes     
Diet soft drinks (colorless or turbid): 5 minutes     
Sample amount      
150 mL     
Pressurized gas supply      
6.5 bar rel. (94 psi rel.)     
4 x USB, Ethernet, VGA, CAN, 2 x S-Bus, RS-232

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