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The CANNON Model 2020 Rotary Viscometers provide a convenient, low cost means for the determination of viscosity.

The CANNON Model 2020 Rotary Viscometers provide a convenient, low cost means for the determination of viscosity. These easy-to-use instruments measure the viscous drag of a liquid against a rotating spindle. A digital readout displays viscosity directly in centipoise (shown as cP) or milliPascal-seconds (shown as mPa·s). No calculations are required — just select spindle and speed, press the Motor On switch, and read the viscosity from the front panel display.

Model 2020 Rotary Viscometers are available in two types. The low viscosity LV-2020 model measures viscosity from 1* to 2,000,000 centipoise. The medium viscosity MV-2020 model measures viscosity from 100* to 13,000,000 centipoise. Both models allow measurement at 18 speeds ranging from 0.3 to 100 rpm. By choosing the proper speed/spindle combination, any viscosity within the range of the instrument can be measured. Measurements can also be made using the same spindle at different speeds to determine the rheological properties of a material at different shear rates. Viscosity measurements are taken four times per revolution.

The Model 2020 viscometers include a sophisticated display that shows the viscosity, % torque, and the speed/spindle in use. When the Auto Range button is pressed, the maximum (100%) torque viscosity attainable using the selected spindle at the selected speed is shown. A Select knob allows rapid scrolling through the available speed or spindle selections.

Model 2020 Rotary Viscometers come complete with appropriate spindles, viscometer stand, guard leg, and carrying case. The LV-2020 is provided with four spindles. The MV-2020 is provided with six spindles. An optional #1 spindle may be purchased for the MV-2020.

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General Specifications
Depth 38 cm
On-Line Monitoring0
Height25 cm
Viscometer TypeRotational
Width 40 cm
Power Requirements 115 VAC or 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 20 watts
Maximum Viscosity2000000 cP
Viscosity Range1 to 2000000 cP
Weight9 kg

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