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The Viscoball measures accurately the viscosity of transparent Newtonian liquids and gases (with a special glass ball).

The VISCO BALL viscometer is mainly used for low viscosity substances such as used in:

  • Mineral oil industry (oils, liquid hydrocarbons).
  • Food industry (sugar solution, honey, beer, milk, gelatine, fruit juice).
  • Chemical industry (polymer solutions, solvents, resin solutions, latex dispersions, adhesive solutions).
  • Cosmetic/Pharmaceutical industry (raw materials, glycerine, emulsions, suspensions, solutions, extracts).
  • Petroleum industry (light crude, machine oil, crude petroleum).
  • Fuels (petrol, diesel oil, paraffin).
  • Paper industry (emulsions, pigment dispersion, paper additives).
  • Paints and varnishes (printing inks, varnishes, water lacquers, inks).
  • Detergents (liquid washing agents, washing-up liquids, tenside solutions).
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General Specifications
On-Line Monitoring0
Viscometer TypeFalling Ball
Maximum Viscosity7500 mPa.s
Viscosity Range0.6 to 7500 mPa.s

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