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Fully Automated Tablet Disintegration Testing

The fully automated PTZ AUTO EZ range is available directly in a 1, 2, 3 or 4 station      
configuration. The PTZ AUTO3 EZ Disintegration Test Instrument is equipped in full compliance with the USP and EP pharmacopoeia requirements and ready to operate 3 automated disintegration baskets independently. A large 320x240 Pixel LCD screen and an alpha-numerical keyboard is used to edit product and test information, such as the disintegration time for each station, bath and media temperature etc. A memory files up to 16 different testing methods.      
The built-in heating system uses a silent circulation pump and a heater to pre-heat the outer water and keep the temperature within a tight tolerance; the actual bath temperature is always displayed and measured by an external movable temperature probe inside the water bath.      
The overheating protection system includes a pressure gauge to monitor the pump flow, a   
thermo switch and thermo fuse to cut the power supply in case of an electronical fault. This secures automatic shut down of the pump and heater in the event that no water flows detected or the electronical control system fails. A built-in digital safety sensor placed at the end of the heating coil shuts down the heating when temperature exceeds +60° C max. 95°C at the heater.      
For easy cleaning and maintenance, the Plexiglas water bath can be easily removed using   
the fast coupling system.
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Features of PTZ AUTO3 EZ
  • alpha-numerical keyboard      * 320x240 Pixel large LC Display      * Test Information Filing up to 16 Methods     * Individual start up for each station      * Media Temperature measuring in each vessel      * USP and EP compliant PT-MKT baskets      * USP and EP PT-MKT33 baskets optional      * Print out of Run-Time Log at end of test      * Print out of Test Report incl. Statistics and Graphics      * OQ/PQ information system      * Manual Stop of Disintegration Times, press relevant key only, results are marked “M”      * Automated detection of the Disintegration Time of each Sample, results are marked       “A”      * RS-232 interface, parallel Printer Interface - USB adapter option      * ABS Auto-Basket-Stop at highest position by built-in Basket Lift      * TSC system (Thermostat Safety Control system)      * Control by 21CFR part 11 compliant Software PTZ32, alternatively standard software       package
General Specifications

There are no General Specifications available.

Additional Specifications

Test Station:      
3 independent operate-able stations, holding each 1 PT-MKT or PT- MKT33 basket      
LCD Display 320x240 Pixel      
Test Station: 3 independent operate-able stations, holding each 1 PT-MKT or PT-    
MKT33 basket      
Display: LCD Display 320x240 Pixel      
alpha-numerical keyboard and function keys      
OQ information:      
programmable time sequence information to perform OQ test      
password protected instrument calibration and validation procedures      
Stroke Frequency:      
30 strokes / minute      
± 1 stroke      
Stroke Height:      
55 mm      
± 1 mm      
Basket Lift:      
rises the baskets out of the media at end of test run      
built-in 1000 W heating tube and circulation pump Temperature adjustable within 25°- 45.0° C      
± 0.3° C      
Safety System:      
pressure switch to protect the heater from overheating (no flow - no      
heating - no pumping)      
thermo switch and thermo fuse to protect the heating system in case of      
an electronic fault      
up to 16 different test descriptive methods      
online printing of test report including individual disintegration times,      
statistics and graphics      
RS-232 port      
Parallel PCL Printer port      
USB adapter for both available as option

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