Torrey Pines Scientific - AT-2000 Ammonia Analyzer

Manufactured by  Torrey Pines Scientific
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Eco-friendly and easy-to-use ammonia meter

Coulometric titration method ammonia analyzer (NH4-N) Model AT-2000 is a unique and unparalleled ammonia meter based on the coulometric titration technology for the water & environmental water market. It can measure ammonia (NH4-N) swiftly, accurately and easily without any special skills.
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Features of AT-2000 Ammonia Analyzer
  • Specially developed environmental-minded reagent
  • Wide measurement range from low to high end
  • Accurate measurements not affected by turbidity or color of the sample
  • Short measurement time, typically 1 minute (in the case of the range 0 – 20mg/L)
  • Calibration is not required
  • Very small volume of the sample is required (0.1mL, 1mL or 10mL)
  • Long life and stain-resistant electrode compared to the ion-selective electrode, also quite low influence by temperature change
  • Only one type of reagent (dedicated electrolyte) used to allow low running cost
  • Measurement data can be read out to PC or printer through RS-232C port.
General Specifications
Depth 270 mm
Height250 mm
Width 310 mm
Power Requirements 240V, 50/60Hz, 50VA
Weight5 kg
Additional Specifications

Measurement principle :      
coulometric titration method     
Measurement items :      
ammonium-nitrogen (NH4-N) ammonium ion (NH4+)     
Measurement range :      
0.00  2.00mg/L (sample volume 10.0mL)     
0.00  20.00mg/L (sample volume 1.0mL)     
0.00  200.0mg/L (sample volume 0.1mL)     
Precision :      
< CV3%     
Data storage : 50 data points

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