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High Performance Incubators

Labnet's 311 and 611 High Performance Incubators feature a broad temperature range and a digital microprocessor for precise control.     
  • Expanded temperature range     
  • Fail-safe over-temperature protection     
  • Switchable turbo fan     
  • Digital microprocessor     
    Ideal for applications requiring strict temperature control as well as general incubations. These high performance incubators feature a broad temperature range and microprocessor control.
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    Features of Laboratory Incubators

    Incubator temperature is set and displayed digitally. Temperature is easily set using the membrane keypad. The chamber is jacketed in warm air from all sides, including the door. Heating can be set to gravity convection, or for more rapid temperature change and better uniformity, mechanical convection. An independent safety thermostat protects the incubator and its contents in the event of a primary controller failure. All electronics are located away from the chamber, protected from heat related stress by a cooling fan. Upon opening the outer door, the stainless steel chamber is illuminated. An inner glass door allows for easy visualization of samples. Small equipment, such as rockers and shakers, can be powered by the interior electrical outlet. Each incubator is supplied with two adjustable stainless steel shelves.     

    Gravity Convection

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    Series Modals

    Labnet - 311D

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    Labnet - 611D

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