Terracon - Plastic Freezer Tray for 2D Pillow Bags

Manufactured by  Terracon
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Custom Plastic Freezer Tray for 2D Pillow Bags

We had a customer ask for a custom plastic freezer tray for 2D pillow bags. They were mixing biopharmaceuticals in 2D pillow bags using a tubing loop and a peristaltic pump. The single-use, disposable bags are awkward to handle when in use and storage was an issue. Another issue with the bags was time required to thaw the contents. 
Terracon's solution was a stackable, high density polyethylene tray with plenty of slots to make it easy for lifting and improved air flow that helped reduce thawing time. To go the extra mile and help the production process, a space for batch labels and a removable tube port were added.
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