Jenway - 3540 Bench Combined Conductivity/pH Meter

Manufactured by  Jenway
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Combined pH and Conductivity Meter

The 3540 is ideal for use in all laboratories where pH and conductivity analyses are required. The setup menu gives quick and easy access to the whole range of instrument, pH and conductivity measurement options. Calibration of both channels is automatic, with the option to select 1, 2 or 3 calibration points. The pH channel can also display mV values if required.
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Features of 3540 Bench Combined Conductivity/pH Meter
  • Simultaneous display of pH and conductivity
  • 2 independent channels to prevent interference between probes
  • Additional modes for resistivity, salinity, TDS and mV
  • Data logger with auto save/print options
  • Storage of up to 500 readings (250 for each mode)
General Specifications
Conductivity RangeAuto–selected from 0.01µS to 1.999S
Depth 55 mm
Height210 mm
mV Resolution0.1 mV
pH Range-2 to 20
Width 250 mm
pH ResolutionSelectable
Weight850 g
Temperature Accuracy0.5 °C
pH Accuracy±0.003
pH Meter Temperature Range-10 to 105 °C
pH Meter TypeBenchtop

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