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With a broad range of features specifically designed to optimize the performance of cell-based and biochemical assays, Fluent enhances throughput, streamlines workflows and delivers more precise and reliable results. By simplifying the handling of precious samples and seamlessly integrating with cell biology devices, Fluent automates your complex assays for greater productivity and confidence.
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Features of Fluent

Accelerating your investigations

No matter what your area of cell-based assay research, Fluent can automate your entire workflow for greater throughput, more reliable results and faster discoveries.

Cell signaling

Signal transduction studies, cell-cell communications and research on intra-cellular pathways.

Reporter genes

Promoter structure, gene expression and gene transformation/transfection research.

  • Exceptional ease of use
  • More functionality in less space
  • Optimized cell protection

Cellular health

Cytotoxicity, viability, proliferation and apoptosis studies.

General Specifications
Dispensing TypeIntegrated Workstation
Robotic Plate Handler1
Workstation TypeMulti-function
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