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Cool Sputter Coater

The Leica EM SCD005 is a table-top sputter coater and produces very fine-grained, quality conductive films using precious metals: gold, gold/palladium, iridium, silver and platinum. Even large samples such as wafers and compact discs for industrial processes can be coated.

The Leica EM SCD005 also offers single and multiple carbon thread evaporation for the production of conductive carbon films for X-ray microanalysis (EDX, WDX) and carbon reinforcement films on collodion or formvar coated specimen support grids.

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Features of EM SCD005
  • Argon pressure and sputter current parameters can be adjusted during processing for better control of the coating rate.
  • The quick fastening system allows fast and simple replacement of foil targets. Removable anode ring for optimal plasma distribution.
  • Stepless height adjustable rotating specimen table for correct film deposition.
  • Various vacuum chamber sizes are easily exchangeable and accommodate different sample preparation processes. Even large samples such as compact discs and wafers can be evenly sputter coated.
  • Removable glass vacuum chamber for easy cleaning and visibility. No cross-contamination between applications.
  • Integrated planar magnetron system with electron deflection for uniform and reproducible metal coatings.
  • The two stage rotary vane vacuum pump (5m3/h or 10m3/h) with oil mist filter guarantees clean, fast processing cycles.
  • Integrated 3 digit programmable timer with process termination for reproducible coatings.
  • All operating parameters are displayed digitally for quick evaluation of the process. The sputter parameters are not lost when the unit is turned off.
  • Argon purge control for clean vacuum conditions.
  • Triple safety concept with vacuum switch, sputter arm detection and implosion interlock safety shield.
  • Operating instructions printed on the unit for easy use.
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