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Waters 410 Refractometer is designed for HPLC and GPC applications. Particularly suited for determining the molecular weight distribution of polymers.

Waters 410 Refractometer is designed for HPLC and GPC applications. This detector is particularly suited for determining the molecular weight distribution of polymers or carbohydrates in food products. The temperature-controlled optics and the patented countercurrent heat exchanger increase baseline stability for reproducible results. The 410 can be operated on its own or programmed from a waters controller.
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Features of 410
  • a microprocessor-controlled keyboard with digital readout auto zero, temperature limit alarm and cell purge functions
  • an internal heater with counter heat exchangers to protect the solvent stream from changes in ambient temperature
  • memory protection in the event of a power failure
  • a compressed output function which keeps large peaks on scale without losing smaller peaks
  • built-in over-pressure protection for the cell; built-in diagnostics that check the operation of the instrument
  • four time constant settings from 0.2 to 10.0 seconds
  • The RI range on the Waters 410 is 1.00 to 1.75 RIU and flow rate range is 0.3 to 10mL/minute with a cell volume of 10uL.
General Specifications
Temperature Range30 to 50 °C
Flow Rate Range0.3 to 10 ml/min
Depth 19 in
Height9.2 in
Width 11.2 in
Additional Specifications

Rl Range: 1.00 to 1.75 RIU
Measurement Range:
5 x 10-3 RIU maximum FS (SENS= 1, SF=1)
5 x 10-a RIU minimum FS (SENS=1024, SF=100)
Noise: 2.0 x 10-8 RIU, (TC = 1, SF = 20, SENS = 32, THF at 24 °C with restrictor coil)
Drift: 2.5 x 10-7 RlU/hr (static with THF)
Sensitivity Settings: 1, 2, 4,8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024
Time Constant Filter Settings: 0.2, 1, 3, 10 seconds
Recorder Output: 0 to 10 mV
Temperature Control:
Internal oven: 30 to 50 °C
External column heaters: Ambient to 150 °C

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