Scinco - Peltier Temperature Controller

Manufactured by  Scinco
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It is possible to control the temperature using LabPro Plus Software   Thermal Denaturation Expe...

  • It is possible to control the temperature using LabPro Plus Software   
  • Thermal Denaturation Experiment   
  • Temperature Based Kinetic Experiment
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    General Specifications
    Power Requirements 100V ~ 120VAC 50~60 Hz, 210 ~ 240VAC 50~60Hz
    Additional Specifications

    Temperature Controller   
    Temperature Set Range:   
    -200 ~ 600 BR>   
    Temperature Set Resolution:    
    0.1 BR>   
    Temperature Display Range:    
    -200 ~ 600 BR>   
    Display Range:    
    0.1 BR>   
    Electromagnetic Stirrer Speed Range:    
    40 ~ 200 RPM (Analogue)   
    Temperature Controlled Single-cell Compartment   
    Temperature Sensor:    
    DIN PT100   
    Temperature Accuracy:    
    0.1 BR>   
    Temperature Range:    
    10 ~ 100 (Ambient Temperature:    
    Heating Rate:    
    0.1 ~ 5min (Can be programmable)   
    Cooling Rate:    
    0.1 ~ 5min (Can be programmable)

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