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The BioSpectrum Imaging System is designed with automated software controls to simplify the imaging workflow. This...

The BioSpectrum Imaging System is designed with automated software controls to simplify the imaging workflow. This powerful system offers a complete solution for picture perfect imaging in numerous research applications. Researchers can select from a choice of high resolution, high sensitivity CCD cameras depending on their imaging applications. For example, the MegaCam 810 camera with dynamic 8.1 megapixel high resolution and high sensitivity capabilities captures fluorescent gel images and supplies superior sensitivity for low-light chemiluminescence applications. No film is required for chemiluminescent western blot imaging with the BioSpectrum.
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Features of BioSpectrum®

Main Features

  • Choice of high-sensitivity, scientific-grade CCD Cameras - cameras include up to 8.1 megapixels resolution and cooling capabilities
  • Faster than film for western blot imaging
  • Motorized optics for setting the aperture, zoom and focus
  • Automated templates for repeat experiments
  • Light tight darkroom creates optimum imaging conditions
  • Unique viewing window is UV blocking for quick sample inspection
  • Built-in overhead white light and UV are easily selected from the software interface
  • Automated control of the five-position emission filter array
  • Easy access fold-down white light plate
  • Chemi tray fits over the plate for placement of blots
  • Roll-out tray provides easy access to the UV transilluminator
  • Select from several benchtop, patented and awarding winning transilluminator models
  • VisionWorksLS Software
  • BioLite ready for fluorescent multiplexed imaging applications including fluorescent western blots
  • For multiple imaging applications including multiplex, chemiluminescent Western blots, fluorescent gels and colorimetric.

Software Interface

  • Automates your research for easy, yet accurate and repeatable results
  • Controls the motorized zoom lens, epi and transillumination UV and white light, emission filter selection and system power
  • Allows selection of user-defined or default settings
  • Select from SYBR Green (515-570mm), SYBR Gold (485-655mm), EtBr (570-640mm) filters or from other added filters
  • Click on the epi and transillumination light sources
  • Set templates and user preferences for recurring experiments


  • Choose from a variety of transilluminators with selection of UV wavelengths and filter sizes
  • Transilluminator ais placed on easy access, roll out tray
  • LED white light plate supplies uniform white light illumination
  • To fluoresce samples in the 460-470nm range, add the optional Visi-Blue plate on the transilluminator surface
  • To fluoresce samples in the 460-470mm range, place the optional Visi-Blue Plate over the transilluminator surface

Chemiluminescent Imaging

  • The MegaCam 810, BioChemi 510, and OptiChemi 610 cameras are cooled CCD cameras recommended for chemiluminescent imaging
  • For western blot and other chemiluminescent blots applications, place blots on the removable chemi tray
  • For chemiluminescent applications, place the chemi tray on top of the white light plate for placement of blots
  • Adjust the height of the tray to specific, repeatable positions
  • For western blot imaging, for application use information refer to the article titled "Ultra-Rapid and Ultra-Sensitive Detection of Proteins in Chemiluminescent Western Blotting"
  • For high sensitivity chemiluminescent 1D & 2D immunoblotting (western blotting) imaging

VisionWorksLS Image Acquisition and Analysis Software

VisionWorksLS Image Acquisition and Analysis Software can be configured with the system or ordered separately. Check with your local representative for details. This sophisticated package provides comprehensive tools for image capture and analysis of gels, plates and membranes as well as colony counting. Capabilities include:

  • Image acquisition functions for simple image capture and expanded integration options
  • Apply numerous image enhancements to images
  • Comprehensive tools for advanced 1D lane densitometry and analysis including area density, molecular weights and colony counting
  • Support for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance
  • One-touch automated macros
  • Define user profiles and preferences
  • Generate extensive reports and export data
  • Multiple user network license available
  • More …

Green Initiatives

For companies and institutions concerned with green initiatives, UVP BioImaging Systems for chemiluminescence imaging eliminate the need for film or processing chemicals thereby enabling "green imaging."


Luminescence Calibration Standard   When calibration of the light source in the system is required, the Luminescence Calibration Standard (optional) can be used to emit a very stable light over four orders of magnitude. The standard can be used for validation of measuring equipment, including cameras.

General Specifications

There are no General Specifications available.

Additional Specifications

Camera/Lens Options:

  • MegaCam 810 Camera
  • OptiChemi 610 Camera
  • BioChemi 510 Camera
  • GelCam 310 Camera


  • Uniform LED white light plate
  • Light tight
  • Wide access door with UV safety shutoff
  • Gel viewing window
  • Chemi tray
  • Sliding tray for transilluminator
  • Epi white and UV illumination (365nn and 480nm)

Emission Filters - five positions:

  • SYBR Green 515-570nm
  • SYBR Gold 485-655nm
  • EtBr Red 570-640nm


  • Interface for automated controls
  • VisionWorksLS (system may be configured with software or optional, check with your UVP representative)
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, Vista and XP SP 2 or later (32-bit or 64-bit)

Transilluminators: Select from Benchtop or FirstLight models

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