Shimadzu - DSC-60 Plus Series

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Excellent Sensitivity with Fast Cooling

Robust heat-flux differential scanning calorimeters, the DSC-60 Plus series finds applications in research and development and quality control environments for characterization of polymers, pharmaceuticals, foods, etc. The DSC-60 Plus series provides high sensitivity, low noise, and a very stable baseline across the temperature range of -140 to 600°C due to the unique furnace construction and detector.
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Features of DSC-60 Plus Series

High-Sensitivity Measurements with a Wide Calorimetric Measurement Range

The noise level, less than 0.5 µW when held at 150°C, enables measurement of the smallest calorimetric changes. The large dynamic calorimetric measurement range of ±150 mW means materials with very large calorimetric changes can be characterized.

Automated Measurement Improves Efficiency

With the same footprint as the standard model, the DSC-60A Plus model has a compact, built-in autosampler which enables automated measurement, analysis, and report printout for up to 24 samples, improving the efficiency of product development and quality control activities.

Sub-Ambient Measurements Using Standard Cooling Chamber

The cooling chamber installed as standard on the DSC-60 Plus calorimeters permits measurement down to -140°C using liquid nitrogen. The sample loading temperature function enables quick sample exchange during sequential analysis without moisture condensation. For consecutive and cycled sub-ambient measurements, DSC-60 Plus models with auto-cooling systems are available.

PC Controlled TA-60WS Thermal Analysis Workstation

The TA-60WS thermal analysis workstation is the interface between the DSC-60 Plus series and PC. It includes easy-to-use data acquisition, data analysis, and reporting software. In addition, up to four Shimadzu thermal analysis instruments of any type can be controlled simultaneously by each TA-60WS.

Compliant with Analytical Laboratory Regulations Including US FDA 21 CFR Part 11

Software accompanying the TA-60WS thermal analysis workstation is available to comply with guidelines such as PIC/S GMP and electronic record and electronic signature (ER/ES) regulations, including US FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

Sample Pans for a Wide Range of Applications

To complement the DSC-60 Plus series, a wide range of sample pans, including ones composed of Aluminum, Platinum, Alumina, Nickel, Copper, and Quartz and hermetically sealed and pressure-proof pans, are available.

General Specifications
Depth 500 mm
DSC TypeHeat Flux DSC
Height500 mm
Width 320 mm
Power Requirements AC100V, 120V, 230V 50/60Hz MAX 800VA * 2
Weight28 kg
Additional Specifications

Measurement principle:   
Heat-flux type   
Temperature range:   
-140 to 600°C *1(With standard cooling chamber and using liquid nitrogen)   
Calorimetric measurement range:   
Noise level:   
Less than 0.5ΜW (rms, when held at 150°C?   
Sample quantity (pan quantity):   
Standard AL crimp pan approx.40Μl   
Programmable heating/cooling rate:   
+/- 0.1 to +/- 99.9°C /min ( 0.1°C /hr or 0.1°C /min step)   
Programmable hold time:   
1min - 999hr (1min or 1hr step)   
Nitrogen, inert gas, dry air gas flow   
RS-232C, 1   
Control software:   
Thermal analysis workstation TA-60WS

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