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The only true screening platform for suspension cell and bead formats

IntelliCyt’s iQue® Screener and iQue Screener HD for 1536-well microplates provide the only true screening platform for screening suspension cells, beads, microbes and mixtures. High Throughput Flow for phenotypic screening, antibody discovery and in vitro toxicity testing is now a reality.   
Based on Flow…Built for Screening: The iQue Screener transforms flow cytometry detection into a true screening platform by eliminating the manual nature and "expert-required" aspects of this method. Automated processing and analysis of plates in minutes.   
Better Data than Plate Readers: The iQue Screener generates multiplexed data — up to six measurements per object — allowing complex biologies to be monitored with up to 60,000 data points generated per second.   
A High Content Complement to Imaging: Suspended objects are difficult to measure with imaging. The iQue Screener is optimized to sample suspended objects, at sampling rates (10,000 objects/second) that far exceed imaging methods. Every phenotypic screening lab should have both in their toolbox!
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Features of iQue Screener & iQue Screener HD

Highest Throughput    The iQue Screener can process a 96-well plate in as little as 3 minutes, 384-well plates in as little as 12 minutes. Designed for automated plate loading robots with large fluid reservoirs can process 30+ 384 well plates in a single run. iQue Screener HD can screen cells and beads in suspension using 1536-well plate format in 60 minutes — an industry first.   

High Content Cell and Bead Data    iQue Screener's detection has a large dynamic range (7 decades) with no adjustments necessary, simplifying screen set up and data collection. A wide open signal window allows the simultaneous collect of cells and beads in the same well.   

Minimal Sample/Reagent Use    iQue Screener can take as little as one microliter from each well with no dead volume allowing reagent and precious sample savings through volume reduction.   

Intuitive, Interactive Screen Set up and Visualization    iQue Screener uses our industry leading ForeCyt® Control and Analysis Software with plate-centric annotation and visualization makes getting the right answers easy. Gates are straight forward to set up, are linked, and update in real time for a truly interactive assay development experience that can be templated and applied to all plates in a run.

General Specifications
Depth 25 in
Height26 in
Width 39 in
Weight180 lbs
Additional Specifications

Microplate Compatibility:   
96, 384, and 1536 (iQue Screener HD only) well plates, V-, and flat-bottom, compatible with foil sealing to reduce evaporation (piercing probe). Plates meeting the Standards ANSI/SLAS 1-2004 through 4-2004, maximum height 35 mm.   
Minimum Volume Requirements:   
Zero dead volume, 1 µL sampled volume, 10 µL assay volume (96- or 384-well microplates), 6 µL assay volume (1536-well plates)   
Minimum Plate Processing Speed:   
As little as 3 minutes per 96-well plate, 12 minutes per 384-well plate, 60 minutes per 1536-well plate (iQue Screener HD only)   
Sampling Method:   
Patented "air gap delimited" aspiration using a contact sensing probe to map microplate   
Plate Shaking:   
Integrated, automated plate shaker for 96-, 384-well plates (iQue Screener) or automated high RPM plate shaker for 384-, 1536-well plates (iQue Screener HD)   
Detection Method:   
Full sheath flow cytometer with factory fixed alignment optics and photo multiplier tubes — no adjustments necessary   
Object Detection Rate:   
Maximum of 10,000 events per second   
Laser Excitation / Emission Detection:   
Two solid state lasers: blue (488 nm) and red (633 nm); four simultaneous collection channels; FL1 - 533/30 nm, FL2 - 585/40 nm, FL3 - > 670 nm, FL4 - 675/25 nm   
Label-Free Object Detection:   
2 light scatter channels for size (forward) and granularity (side)   
Fluorescence sensitivity, MESF: FITC < 150; PE < 100   
Dynamic Range:   
7 decades with zoom — no gain adjustments necessary   
ForeCyt 4.0 Control & Analysis Software:   
Advanced screening workflow with real-time data analysis for 16 million objects per plate, normalization, dynamic linked gating, interactive heat maps, histograms, and plots, custom PDF data report, well scan, custom metrics, profile maps, automated cleaning, and templates. Microsoft Windows 8 compatible.   
File Size:   
70–100 MB for 96-well plate   
File Export:   
FCS, CSV, and ForeCyt file formats, export as whole plate or individual wells   
Computer / Monitor:   
iQue: i5 processor, 256 GB SSD, 8 GB RAM, 23” Monitor 1080p   
iQue HD: Xeon processor, Dual 256 GB SSD (RAID 0), 16 GB RAM, 27” Monitor 2560 x 1400   
Robotic Integration:   
API is available and has been used by multiple automation vendors   
iDM Data Manager:   
Simplifies data management by enabling data sharing between multiple instruments and researchers   
Selectable Detector Set:   
Expands the range of fluorophores that can be analyzed through a combination of software configuration and laser detector filters   
21 CFR Part 11 Compatibility:   
Added features to enable users to become 21 CFR Part 11-Compliant   
CE Compliance:   

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