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Low-dispersion, refractive index detection for UPLC and APC

For the isocratic UPLC analysis of analytes without a UV chromophore, the ACQUITY Refractive Index Detector offers unparalleled performance. The low-dispersion fluidics were designed to match the performance needed for narrow UPLC peaks while still delivering stable baseline performance, low noise, and a wide, linear dynamic range.      
Refractive index detection is one of the key enabling technologies in the ACQUITY Advanced Polymer Chromatography System. The low-dispersion characteristics of the ACQUITY RI Detector are critical for maintaining the high-resolution molecular weight separations achieved on the ACQUITY APC columns, delivering unprecedented characterization of low molecular weight polymers and their oligomers.     
HPLC/RI applications, including sugars, alcohols, saccharides, and pharmaceutical QC, can easily be transferred to UPLC system technologies to enable improved resolution and reduced analysis times.
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Features of ACQUITY Refractive Index Detector
  • Detection of samples without UV chromophores separated by isocratic analysis   * Low dispersion design, for compatibility with narrow UPLC and APC peaks   * Full compatibility with a wide range of solvents supported on the ACQUITY APC System   * Sampling rates up to 80 points/s with independent optimization of filter time constants, for the highest resolution and sensitivity   * Highly repeatable detection technique with a wide linear dynamic range for methods requiring quantification   * Thermally isolated optics bench for temperature stability and performance reproducibility   * Countercurrent heat exchanger to quickly equilibrate temperature differences of incoming solvent   * Save solvent and maintain stability with the convenient recycle valve   * Full control in the instrument console, giving access to instrument status and diagnostics
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